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 Welcome to CleanTV(R) Family-friendly television broadcasting and Video On Demand services, as well as providers of Internet-ready television sets.

CleanTV(R), a division of Special Guests, Inc., is your refreshing oasis for clean, original TV shows and films.

CleanTV(R) avoids programming that shows unrebuked immoral behavior including rebellion, drug or excessive abuse, unnecessary excessive violence, obscenities, occult themes or alluring clothing or behavior.

In short, CleanTV(R) offers clean language, clean attire, and clean themes. CleanTV(R) is an IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) Network. Our programs may be viewed on virtually any computer, cell phone, home television with an adapter and high speed Internet access or Internet-ready television.

You also may want to purchase a state-of-the-art Internet-ready CleanTV(R) television from us or a local appliance or electronics store.

You may rest assured, knowing that our programs are clean, wholesome, educational and uplifting where parents can safely allow their children to view a wide variety of programs on the network without fear of having sensibilities assaulted.

Instead of charging a monthly subscription fee that is commonly associated with satellite and cable TV networks, we only charge for videos you choose. Our 3-day Video On Demand (VOD) rental rate ranges from 49 cents to $3.99. 

Have you seen a decent video lately that you believe would be suitable for viewing at CleanTV(R)? Please let us know. We are always open to your suggestions for new programs for us to carry.

Feel free to contact anyone in the CleanTV(R) family at:

Telephone: 630-548-9300


Mailing Address:
Division of Special Guests, Inc.
P. O. Box 1927
Wendell, NC 27591